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Beautiful Day

With tranquil oceans of light blue
Skies even lighter, acting as a canopy
Waves rolling towards shores
White foam the signal of movement end

Yachts with elegant sails
White, stark, so bright
Fishing boats scattered amongst
Acting as dark blue dots in contrast

Golfers go past
Lush greens as their carpet
Scurrying off to the white ball

Oh, how beautiful to behold this day



Seek hope, strength and vision through clear thought

Understand karma to achieve love and nirvana

Unclutter the world to attain meaning

Contemplate, wish and wonder with enlightened spirit

Encouragement and praise will create treasures

Always want, never exist, steal life

White Sails


You stopped me from walking away

A symphony of sails, water and wind

Moving towards shore, you signaled your power


I stopped, turned around, I marveled at you for a second

Turning to walk away you beckoned me back

White sails so strong, gracefully playing with the wind


You had me enchanted

I could not walk away again

Captured with wonderment

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